Register Your Alarm System

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The Stamford Board of Representatives adopted an ordinance that requires owners of alarms to register with the City, and institutes fines for failure to register in the event of a false alarm.

Fine Amount
The fine amount for false alarms is $120.00.

Registration Requirements/Process
The City has a registration program which will allow residents and businesses to register their alarms online. Forms for paper registration are available as well. There is no fee for registration.

Failure to Register
There is a $120 fine for failure to register an alarm, which will be charged at the time of a false alarm. Therefore, fines for a false alarm in the case of an unregistered alarm will total $240 -- $120 for the false alarm and $120 for failure to register an alarm.

Free False Alarm for Registrants
If an alarm is properly registered, the alarm user will receive one free false alarm per registration year. There is no free false alarm for unregistered alarms.

False Alarm Appeals Process
False alarm fines and fines for failing to register an alarm may be appealed to the Alarms Administrator in writing within 30 days of the receipt of the bill.

Contact Information

Alarm Administrator

(203) 977-4460