Zoning Violations

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Zoning Violations

The purpose of Zoning is to encourage the most appropriate use of land, protect property values, provide adequate open space, further public safety and health, prevent undue concentration of population, lessen congestion on streets, and provide community facilities and infrastructure such as transportation, water, sewerage, schools, parks and other public requirements.

Enforcing Stamford’s Zoning Regulations is an important factor in protecting residents’ quality of life, health, safety and property. Violation of Stamford’s Zoning Regulations is punishable by a fee of $100 per violation per day, pursuant to Stamford Code Chapter 248 and other legal remedies.


  • Zoning Violations

    • Can I appeal a Zoning Citation?

    • How can I contact a Zoning Enforcement?

    • How can I find out if my building or use is grandfathered in?

    • How can I report a Zoning Violation?

    • How do I pay the fine for a Zoning Violation?

    • How does Zoning Enforcement work?

    • How long does Zoning Enforcement take?

    • I have fixed the violation, is there anything else I need to do?

    • I received a Notice of Zoning Violation or a Citation. What can I do?

    • Is there a statute of limitations or similar for Zoning Violations, i.e., if I had an illegal situation for several years, does my property at some point become legal for Zoning purposes?

    • What is "Grandfathering"?

    • What is a Resolution Conference?