Stamford Street Smart Initiative

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The Stamford Street Smart Initiative, launched in September 2014, is a citywide public safety and awareness campaign in the City of Stamford. The initiative is focused on the three key areas of enforcementengineering and education.


As part of the Street Smart Initiative, the Stamford Police Department (SPD) will be focusing on the enforcement of existing state and local laws to ensure motorists, cyclists and pedestrians travel safety on our streets. Beginning with a crackdown on distracted driving during the month of September, enforcement programs will also include patrol by the SPD Traffic Enforcement Unit to catch speeding, distracted and drunk drivers, and efforts to reduce jaywalking on city streets.


Ensuring the safety of our streets requires that signs, lines and signals are allies of all those who share our roadways. As part of the initiative, the City will be evaluating all intersections and taking action to ensure that motorists, cyclists and pedestrians have the tools they need to be as safe as possible while traveling on our streets. Everything from the design of our crosswalks to the location of "no right turn on red signs" to the synchronization of our traffic signals will be examined.


Educating residents, visitors and students on how to travel safely and protect the safety of others is a key component of the Street Smart philosophy. Through partnership with community organizations and promotional activities of the Street Smart Initiative, we hope to make progress through education.