The Environmental Protection Board (EPB) is organized by ordinance as a multi-purpose City agency combining the duties and responsibilities of:

  1. Local Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency
  2. A local Conservation Commission
  3. A local Flood and Erosion Control Board

Staff Contacts

Robert Clausi
Executive Director
(203) 977-4965

Pamela Fausty
Environmental Analyst
(203) 977-2717

Lindsay Tomaszewski
Environmental Analyst
(203) 977-5460

Jaclyn Chapman
Environmental Analyst
(203) 977-4065

Board Members

Stone, Gary H.Chairman (R)Environmental Protection Board
Shemitz, LeighMember (D)Environmental Protection Board
Tessier, Laura E.Member (D)Environmental Protection Board
Gambino, Joseph ToddMember (R)Environmental Protection Board
Kozlowski, DavidAlternate (D)Environmental Protection Board
Romas, ThomasAlternate (R)Environmental Protection Board
Schneider, StephenAlternate (D)Environmental Protection Board