On - Street Handicapped Parking

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Residents must have a valid handicap placard if they wish to be considered for use of On-Street handicap parking spaces.  The following questions and answers should satisfy any queries about obtaining a placard or a handicap parking space on a street within the city of Stamford.

How do I apply for a handicap placard?

Please visit the CTDMV website and carefully read the qualifications, restrictions and costs of applying for a handicap placard.* There is also additional information about replacing a placard as well.

*Note: There are separate applications for temporary and permanent handicap spaces.

How do I send my application for a handicap placard?


Mail:  Department of Motor Vehicles 
          Disabled Parking Permit Unit 
          60 State Street
          Wethersfield, CT  06161
Fax:  860- 263-5556
E-mail:  dmv.hpapp@ct.gov
In-person:  Visit any DMV office

If I am not handicapped, but I have a family member/dependent who is handicapped, can I apply for a handicap placard?


Yes. If you are not handicapped, you may qualify for a handicap placard only if you are the parent or legal guardian of a person with a disability. If you have further questions, you can call the CT DMV at 800-842-8222.  

How do I apply for residential On-Street Handicap space in Stamford?


  1. Please fill out our application here. 
  2. Print, file and fill out with a pen
  3. Mail application to:
39 Courtland Avenue
Stamford CT, 06902
Attn: Orazio Cirelli

After the application for on-street parking is received by the City, staff will look at the address and determine the following:


  1. Is there sufficient off street parking? i.e.: driveway, parking lot, parking facility.
  2. What is the distance from the street to access point of residence?
  3. What is the location of any/all handicapped accessible ramps/devices?
  4. What are the grade differences from the street to access point of residence

Will this spot be exclusive to my vehicle?


No. As stated on the application, the space will be available to any vehicles that have a valid handicap placard on a first come first serve basis.

For further questions about On-Street Residential Parking, please contact Orazio Cirelli at (203)-977-5698, or OCirelli@StamfordCT.gov

Contact Information

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Orazio Cirelli at 203-977-5698 or OCirelli@StamfordCT.gov.