The Anti-Blight Officer and staff work together to reduce the number of blighted properties, both residential and commercial, to achieve a cleaner, healthier and safer Stamford. They work closely with the Building, Health and Zoning Departments.

The Anti-Blight Officer and staff work with property owners and residents and to achieve compliance with the Anti-Blight Ordinance, Chapter 146, Article III. The Anti-Blight Officer investigates complaints of blighted properties and may issue citations. Some examples of the blighted conditions they address are properties in disrepair, abandoned and overgrown properties, ensuring that yards and lots are kept free of accumulations of debris and rubbish, ensuring sidewalks afford safe passage and planting strips are maintained, fencing is properly maintained, graffiti is removed in a timely manner.

Complaints about blighted properties should be entered into the City’s FixIt Stamford

The full Ordinance can be found here:  Anti-Blight Ordinance

Zeiss, PaulAnti-Blight OfficerAnti Blight(203) 977-5269
Sawch, MoiraAnti-Blight ParalegalAnti Blight(203) 977-5269