Stamford's Vision Zero Program is a citywide effort to eliminate roadway fatalities from our streets by 2032. 

We are inspired by the belief that even one fatality is too many.

Stamford's Vision Zero Program is the City government's commitment to focus the City’s resources on proven strategies to eliminate fatal and serious traffic crashes in the city by 2032. We are inspired by the belief that even one fatality is too many.

While Stamford has a relatively good record on traffic safety compared to many other cities, Mayor Simmons is not content to accept any fatalities or even serious injuries on our streets. Death and serious injury are not part of the cost of doing business in a city like Stamford. That's why the City of Stamford launched the Vision Zero Program in September 2022. 

Vision Zero is a fundamental shift in how we think about our roads. By utilizing a systems based approach, we seek to eliminate deaths on our roads. Vision Zero recognizes that people will sometimes make mistakes, so the road system and related policies should be designed to ensure those inevitable mistakes do not result in severe injuries or fatalities.

Some of the key principals of Vision Zero:

  • Traffic Deaths are preventable
  • Humans make mistakes and are fragile
  • Success does not hinge on individual behavior, but on the design of a safe system

Vision Zero prioritizes safety and takes a people-first approach to transportation and community building. Many trips in the City of Stamford are made by people on foot, bike, or transit. Everyone, including drivers, benefits from a transportation system that’s made safer for the most vulnerable road users.

Vision Zero Pedestrian Safety Pilot Project Map 

The below map shows the City's upcoming Vision Zero Pedestrian Safety Pilot Projects. If you have any questions or comments about the upcoming Vision Zero Pilot Projects, please feel free to reach out to Luke Buttenwieser at

Vision Zero Task Force Members

Booth, JeffreySupervisorPolice(203) 977-4712
Buttenwieser, LukeTransportation PlannerStamford ADA Advisory Council, Transportation, Traffic & Parking(203) 977-1742
DeRubeis, LouDirector of Public Safety, Health and WelfareCamera Review Committee, Public Safety Health & Welfare(203) 977-4151
Freeman, JaneeneSpecial Assistant to Mayor, Director of Partnerships and Community EngagementMayor's Office, School Readiness Council(203) 977-4231
Gaudett, JosephDirector, 911 Emergency Communications Center(203) 977-5291
Godzeno, JenniferSecretary (D), Vision Zero Task Force Community Advisor Planning Board
Grunberger, JimBoard of Representatives Member
Kennedy, JosephSafety, Compliance & Employee Relations Manager for Stamford Public SchoolsPolice(203) 977-5793
Kooris, DavidVision Zero Task Force Community Advisor
Lagoe, FrankPublic Safety Statistician Public Safety Health & Welfare(203) 977-5325
Ley, Ashley Board of Representatives Member
Magalnick, PhilCommittee Co-ChairStamford ADA Advisory Council(203) 356-1340
Miller, Aaron Special Assistant to the Mayor for Communications, Arts and Culture Program ManagerCommunications, Mayor's Office(203) 977-1193
Petise, FrankTransportation Bureau ChiefFood Truck Committee, Transportation, Traffic & Parking(203) 977-4124
Wright, WilliamVision Zero Task Force Community Advisor