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Filling pothole

How can I report a pothole?

You can report a pothole using Fixit Stamford. When reporting a pothole, please be as specific as possible. Residents can either drag a pin to the approximate location of the pothole or enter in the nearest street address or intersection.  You can also attach a picture to help our city crews have a better understanding of what the issue is.

What is a pothole? 

Potholes occur when water seeps beneath the pavement through cracks caused by the wear and tear of traffic. This process is most common when snow and ice melt as part of seasonal freeze-thaw cycles. As the temperatures cool to freezing at night, the water becomes ice and expands below the pavement, forcing the pavement to rise. As the weight of traffic pounds on this raised section – and the temperatures once again rise above freezing – a shallow divot occurs under the surface and the pavement breaks, forming a pothole.

When does the City begin filling potholes?

Typically, Stamford begins filling potholes around April or May. 

 How long does it typically take fill a pothole?

The City will make reasonable efforts to fill a City pothole as soon as possible. When you submit your request, you can write down your email and we will provide an update when the pothole is fixed. 

I reported a pothole, but it hasn’t been fixed, what’s going on?

There can be several reasons why the City may not have repaired the pothole. Among others, these may include:

  • Weather Delay:  Potholes cannot be filled if it is raining, if the pothole itself is filled with water or when the temperature is below 45 degrees.
  • Can’t Find the Pothole: Sometimes customers give incomplete or insufficient information and we cannot locate the potholes they are reporting. This is why it is important to leave your email address when reporting a pothole in Fix It so we can contact you.
  • Not a City Road: We cannot repair or respond to requests for state roads. To report a pothole on a state road, please visit the Connecticut Department of Transportation Website
  • Utility Cuts
  • Existing Work in Process on Street
  • Not a Pothole- Some defects that are reported as potholes are really some other kind of problem, such as a failing catch basin, that cannot be repaired as a pothole and require more extensive repairs.

Why are potholes not permanently patched in the winter?  

When ice is present in a pothole, the asphalt will not be able to fully penetrate the cracks in a hole, resulting in a bad seal. When the ice melts and turns to water at the bottom of the hole, the asphalt will sink into the hole.  

Asphalt also bonds better above freezing temperatures. Best results occur when pavement and air temperatures are above 35 degrees Fahrenheit and rising.

Can I report a pothole for a State road to Fix It Stamford?

We cannot repair or respond to requests for state roads. To report a pothole on a state road, please visit the Connecticut Department of Transportation Website. Here is a list of State roads in Stamford:

Connecticut Turnpike (Route 95)

Merritt Parkway- (Route 15) Long Ridge Road (Route 104)
High Ridge Road (Route 137 Cold Spring Road (from High Ridge Rd to Washington Blvd) Washington Boulevard (from Cold Spring Rd to 95)
Courtland Avenue (Route 106) East Main Street (Route 1)

Tresser Boulevard (Route 1)

West Main Street (Route 1) South State Street (Greenwich to Elm)


How do I know if what I am reporting can be repaired as a pothole or not?

We don’t expect everyone to be able to distinguish among pavement defects. We encourage you to report any type of pavement defect that is of concern to Fixit Stamford, especially if it appears hazardous. If we can’t make an immediate repair, we may be able to repair it later.

How many pothole repairs are on the list?

Pothole repair isn’t organized the same way as the paving list. We respond to potholes as they’re reported by Fixit Stamford.

How do I submit a claim for vehicle damages resulting from potholes?

Please file a written notice with the Town & City Clerk within ninety (90) days of incident and include:

  • A brief description of the incident
  • Location of the pothole – be specific!  State the house number or business name nearest its location
  • Type of damage sustained (tire, tire & rim, bumper)
  • Date & time of incident
  • Cost of repair/appraisal of damages
  • Optional – any other information you think may be helpful such as photos or a copy of a police report, if available

Wait for a response from the City Legal Department.  This may come up to 45 days after filing your claim. 
If your claim is approved, you will receive a check within 90 days.