Share The Fare

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What is Share the Fare?

  • The Share the Fare program is for Stamford residents over the age of 62 and for disabled individuals.
  • Share the Fare offers improved travel opportunities through a subsidized taxi program.
  • Voucher holders book their taxi rides directly with the local taxi companies and pay for them with Share the Fare vouchers.

Where do you purchase Share the Fare vouchers?

  • Eligible riders can purchase Share the Fare vouchers in the Cashiering and Permitting Department just off the first floor lobby of the Stamford Government Center.
  • In order to purchase vouchers, participants must provide identification and proof of eligibility – age or disability –  to the cashier.

What is the Share the Fare voucher book?

  • Each Share the Fare voucher book contains ten (10) vouchers and has a total face value of $50.00. Books are sold to seniors and disabled individuals for $25.00.
  • Individuals are entitled to purchase a maximum of four (4) Share the Fare voucher books per month.
  • Share the Fare is for the personal use of the purchaser. Vouchers cannot be resold or used by anyone other than the purchaser. Proven abuse of the policy will result in dismissal from the Share the Fare program.
  • Lost or stolen Share the Fare tickets will not be reimbursed.

How do you arrange for taxi service?

  • Telephone the taxi company and book your ride.
  • The taxi company may need to know if you require special assistance or if you use a mobility device such as a power wheelchair, a collapsible wheelchair, a walker, a scooter or a cane.

How do you pay the taxi driver?

  • Use your Share the Fare tickets to pay the fare shown on the meter.
  • If the meter fare is not a multiple of $5.00 or an even dollar amount then you must pay the extra amount in cash and/or coins.
    • Example: A $10.20 fare paid with two $5.00 vouchers and 20 cents cash. The taxi driver will not provide change from Share the Fare vouchers.
    • Example: a $7.00 fare paid with a $5.00 voucher and $2.00 cash.
  • If you want to tip the driver, you must do so with your own money not Share the Fare tickets.

Concerns or Questions?

  • Contact the taxi company manager if you have any concerns with the taxi service.
  • Contact the Senior Outreach Coordinator at 977-4747 if you have any Share the Fare program questions.