Established and governed by the City of Stamford Charter, the Board of Finance has been authorized with specific powers and duties related to the fiscal policies of the City. The Board is composed of six members, each of whom hold office for a 4-year term. Board members are elected by Stamford voters in citywide elections for staggered terms - one half of the membership is elected at each biennial municipal election.

The Board holds regular meetings on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm, unless changed by resolution. Additionally, the Mayor or any two members may call a special meeting to handle urgent business in between regular meetings. Meetings are held in the Board of Finance Meeting Room on the 4th Floor of the Stamford Government Center. Meetings are open to the public and include a brief period of time for public comment on any issue on the meeting agenda.

Board Members

Freedman, RichardBoard of Finance - Chairman (D)Animal%20Shelter%20Project%20Planning%20Committee%2C%20Board%20of%20Finance
Rinaldi, Mary LouVice Chair (D)Board%20of%20Finance
Alswanger, GeoffMember (D)Blight%20Hearing%20Committee%2C%20Board%20of%20Finance
Burwick, Laura Member (D)Board%20of%20Finance
Mahoney, DennisMember (R)Board%20of%20Finance%2C%20School%20Building%20Committee
McMullen, J.R.Member (R)Board%20of%20Finance%2C%20WPCA%20Board