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Who are we?

The Planning Board prepares the City’s Master Plan and drafts the Capital Budget. It consists of five voting members and up to three alternates, all of whom are appointed by the Mayor. Members serve for four years in staggered terms. All members of the City’s Planning Board are volunteers, and meet on average twice a month.

What do we do?

The Planning Board is responsible for planning and coordinating the development of the City. The Board has two main tools to plan for the City’s future. The Master Plan is a vision, policy and implementation plan that guides the City forward. Based on the analysis of existing conditions and anticipated needs, it is a comprehensive plan that addresses economic development, transportation and mobility sustainability and other issues.

The second tool the Planning Board has available is the Capital Budget . The Capital Budget lays out the City’s investments in streets, schools, parks and other infrastructure and facilities. The Planning Board drafts the Capital Budget which is then reviewed and approved by the Mayor, the Board of Finance and the Board of Representatives. Other responsibilities include maintaining the City’s official map, review of subdivision applications, etc.

Who do we work with?

The Land Use Bureau provides technical support to the Planning Board. Developers and homeowners come to the Board for subdivision approvals. For the Master Plan, the Board reaches out to the public for their input. As part of the Capital Budget, the Board works with virtually all City agencies and many of the other Boards.

Staff Members

Lesley Capp
Secretary to the Planning Board
(203) 977-4076

Board Members

Dell, TheresaChair (R)Planning Board
Tepper, JayVice Chair (D)Planning Board
Buccino, MichaelMember (D)Planning Board
Godzeno, JenniferSecretary (D), Vision Zero Task Force Community Advisor Planning Board
Totilo, Michael A.Member (R)Planning Board
Levin, William M.Alternate (D)Planning Board
Perry, StephenAlternate (D)Planning Board