• A car has been parked in one space for a few days now, can it be removed?
  • How do I appeal a ticket?
  • How do I pay a parking ticket?
  • How do I report illegally parked vehicles?
  • How do I request more parking meters in Stamford?
  • How long can I park in a metered parking space?
  • I would like a no parking sign next to my driveway, can the city install one?
  • My car got booted, what do I do?
  • There’s a landscaping truck parked on the street. Aren’t commercial vehicles not allowed to park on city streets in residential areas?
  • What if I don’t pay my ticket immediately?
  • What is parkmobile?
  • What is Pay-by-Plate?
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Parking in Stamford is quick and easy!

Welcome to the Park Stamford Page. Stamford has various different parking services and faculties to meet your parking and mobility needs. Please view our FAQs about parking in Stamford and the various parking pages to learn more about our parking services. 

Truck Parking On-Street

The City recently changed the commercial truck parking regulations for the City. Please see the revised regulations here. You can report any violations to Fixit Stamford.

Downtown Parking

 Stamford has 3 parking garages and hundreds of metered and unmetered on-street spaces downtown offering convenient access to the various shops and resultants in Stamford Downtown. 

There are many ways to pay for parking in Stamford, including the contactless Parkmobile App, credit card, or coins. See the Public Parking Facilities and Rates Page for more information about where to park and how much it costs to park

Parking Tickets and Permits

Questions about parking tickets and parking permits should be directed to the Cashiering and Permitting Department at (203) 977-4979. Please also look at our FAQs and our web pages for more information. 

Parking Enforcement

The Parking Enforcement Division is a team of dedicated professionals enforcing Stamford's Parking Ordinances and ensuring the safety of the traveling public. Please visit Fixit Stamford to report parking violations.